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Grow profitably? Our clients can.

Pinpoint provides the earliest and most accurate risk predictions – including individual customer profitability, with only a name and address, eliminating the false choice between growing top-line or delivering profits.  Pinpoint provides a clear pathway to profitable growth.

With Pinpoint, insurers and MGAs discover highly accurate loss predictions for customers at the earliest possible stage – long before underwriting and even before quotes. Using the power of a highly advanced AI called Deep Learning, combined with our own proprietary behavioral economics data and curated intelligence, Pinpoint helps our clients:

  • Increase profitability by 20% or more
  • Improve loss ratios by 3 to 5 points, 5-10 points for small commercial
  • Prioritize the most profitable existing and potential customers

Pinpoint Predictive clients report “game-changing” (AmTrust Financial) and “significant” improvements in loss ratios ( Metromile), “material predictive lift” (National General Insurance), and scores that are “one of the most predictive factors we’ve seen” (CSE Insurance).

Loss Predictions

The only actuarial loss model available at top-of-funnel
Individual pure premium prediction before an application is submitted
Shift mix to a more profitable book of business
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Using trillions of data points collected through a custom supply chain, as well as Pinpoint’s own proprietary behavioral economics data, Pinpoint fuels deep-learning AI to produce custom actuarial loss predictions. These unique top-of-funnel loss predictions – indicated with a clear dollar value – help teams immediately understand how to prioritize existing and future customers. 

Unlike other risk and propensity scores, OnPoint’s loss predictions are generated from the first point of contact, only name and address are needed. 

Risk Scores

Earlier, and more accurate, risk predictions
Understand how much more, or less, likely an individual is to engage in risk behavior
Prioritize renewal and acquisition efforts on lowest risk customers


Our litigation propensity scores provide our clients with actionable information that allows them to keep coverage available and affordable for the majority of their customers – those highly unlikely to engage in predatory litigation.

Pinpoint originally developed the Litigation risk score for Florida homeowner insurers in response to litigation costs reaching more than 20% of premiums, and it has now been extended into additional business lines. 

SIU Referral

Created at point of quote, well before other fraud propensity models, Pinpoint’s SIU referral score identifies risk at the top-of-funnel – before binding a new policy and long before first notice of a claim – enabling insurers to greatly reduce fraud and fraud-related expenses.


Accurately predicting customer churn and retention, the OnPoint platform’s cancellation risk score has been proven to have high signal and low correlation with credit in our client’s internal propensity models. The incremental gains are particularly significant in situations where insurers cannot use credit scores due to state, regulatory, or other concerns.

Premium Leakage

dentifying and quantifying risk probabilities for specific scenarios, the OnPoint platform’s premium leakage scores indicate when potential customers are likely to fail to disclose full and accurate information in the application process, which could lead to insufficient collection of premium to cover commensurate risk. In the case of homeowners, these scores can be trained to predict specific inspection outcomes. For small business lines, premium leakage risk scores include better prediction of class codes and bad debt.


Accuracy of individual-level modeling

Gain insights into your existing and potential customers and an edge over competitors with the earliest, and most accurate individual-level profitability and risk predictions. Pinpoint’s Loss Predictions and Risk Scores boost a wide range of predictive models by 20-50%.  How? Pinpoint predictions leverage thousands of data points per person to create high-dimensional signals.

Pinpoint uses the industry’s first deep learning models to directly connect profitability and actuarial losses and to quantify each individual’s risk behavioral propensity on continuous scales. This data-driven process removes assumptions and potentially problematic data sources, such as individual credit scores.

                                          Pinpoint allows you to integrate human individuality into predictive models.


Easily backtest performance gains before commercial activation to show the actual impact of the model.


Receive loss predictions and risk scores for up to 90% of your existing book, enabling you to boost the predictive power of your existing models and to scale them up for records with thin or no data.


Loss predictions and risk are both ready-to-use and custom. They are produced within days of data upload and are immediately deployable. Our team is always on hand to help with best practices to maximize the impact of intelligent growth and renewal strategies.



Our Explainable AI not only reveals the probability of future behavior but also creates visibility into the underlying reasons for the additional predictive power of our predictions and risk scores.