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“Above and beyond our latest pricing models, Pinpoint’s scores show material predictive lift for personal auto pure premiums. These are impressive results relative to other emerging vendor data offerings.”

Rick Carter

SVP, Enterprise Analytics, National General Insurance

“Using Pinpoint enrichment for our cancellation model significantly increased precision and boosted true positives by 38%.”

Data Science Team

CSAA Insurance Group

“Rapid time-to-value for insurer partners”


InsureTech for Insurers Research Report, Sept. 2020

“Pinpoint’s real-time API allows us to understand our customers more intimately than we thought possible, and communicate in their language from the outset of the transaction.”

Randel Bennett

Co-Founder, VP of Insurance, Sigo Seguros

“Pinpoint has allowed us to quantify the psychometric traits underlying specific risks. This is absolutely eye-opening. And their Thinkalike ranking is a powerful and verifiable tool for scoring future risk at scale.”

Steve F. Miller