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Pinpoint provides strong ROI-positive results

Some recent client results

Improves loss ratios and pure premiums

+75% Home fire/H2O frequency

+25-50% Auto loss ratio

+19-30% Auto pure premium

700% WC loss ratio lift

Predict future fraud before claims

+23% SIU-referral at PoQ

21x ventile lift at PoQ (home)

14x decile lift at FNOL (WC)

+30-40% lift in Home & Auto mid-term cancellation models

Instant pre-decisions on a range of outcomes

70x ventile lift on wood-burner ownership at PoQ



Pinpoint’s Thinkalike® scores can boost a wide range of behavioral predictive models by an incremental 20-50% and higher across deciles. Why? Because our scores leverage high-dimensional signals, informed by thousands of new data points per person.


After enrichment, easily back-test performance gains before commercial activation, to show the actual impact of the model. Pinpoint can also onboard existing predictive features to generate ML-powered behavioral models and lift analyses for you.


Our Explainable AI reveals not only the probability of future behaviors, but also the underlying reasons why a given individual is more or less likely to take an action or incur a risk.


Receive Thinkalike® scores for up to 90% of your book, enabling you to boost the predictive power of your existing models — and scale them up for records with thin or no data.

Individual-level modeling

Unlike other data used to predict human behavior, Pinpoint’s AI models human individuality – the traits that are the underlying drivers of why each person has different perceptions and behaviors. Our engine quantifies each individual’s psychological traits on continuous scales. This process occurs in an entirely data-driven way, without assumptions. Pinpoint models each person in dozens of dimensions; a given individual is like a combination lock with many dials – totally unique. The end result is the first true Segment of One, for each of our 260 million person-based IDs. Pinpoint allows you to integrate human individuality into predictive models, and to reveal which interpretable traits are driving business-critical risk and engagement behaviors.

Using Psychometric AI to predict customer retention:

A CSAA Insurance Group and Pinpoint Predictive case study

CSAA, a AAA Insurer, partnered with Pinpoint Predictive to enrich a large sample of their auto insurance book of business. By accounting for the individuality of their insureds, CSAA was able to significantly increase the precision of their policy cancellation model. Pinpoint’s data enabled the identification of 38% more true positives and 17% fewer false negatives, compared with baseline performance. The psychometric data also shed light on the motivations underlying customer defection, opening up opportunities to further increase retention through early personalized interventions.

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Information about Privacy

Pinpoint safeguards the privacy of our clients and their customers:

  • Our patent-pending data architecture is the only technology that can generate individual-level psychometric models of digital populations with user pseudonymization.
  • Our models are linked only to pseudonymous user IDs; personality data are not linked to actual, personally identifiable real names.


  • Client PII is quarantined and deleted after each engagement. Only the client can link enrichment scores back to identifiable customer records.
  • Pinpoint is fully CCPA compliant, and privacy-safe by design.
  • We monitor privacy regulations on an ongoing basis to ensure continued compliance and security.