Human behavior is central to all aspects of the Insurance value chain

  • Conversion models
  • LTV models
  • Agent productivity
  • Real-time personalization
  • Non-cat claim-filing propensities
  • Fraudulent claim, SIU propensities
  • Less expensive data pulls
  • Cancellation models

  • Renewal models

  • Cross-sell, upsell

  • Best next action

  • Fraudulent behavior

  • Litigation propensity

  • Claims prediction

Credit is only a proxy for something much bigger: personality traits like conscientiousness, trust, adventurousness, self-discipline, assertiveness, and many others are exceptional predictors of human behavior, impacting all areas of the Insurance process.

Pinpoint can generate strong ROI-positive results across your company

Some recent client results

Smarter Customer Acquisition

Conversion model saving the client 30% on marketing costs

Pricing Accuracy

19-30% more accurate non-cat loss predictions across deciles

Improve Client Retention

Cancellation: increased decile spread from 3.2x to 4.5x 

Detect claims fraud before it happens

Pre-claim SIU propensity: 164x decile spread, Pinpoint data only