Pinpoint enables companies across the industry to more effectively forecast and influence human behavior. Leveraging the latest advances in behavioral science, artificial intelligence, and privacy-safe data enrichment, Pinpoint’s Thinkalike® AI allows organizations to better quantify and manage risk, and to persuade people to take positive actions.

Behavioral Science:

Pinpoint has brought to market the first privacy-safe and commercial applications of recent developments in Psychometric AI.

  • Pinpoint’s Thinkalike® Engine generates forward-looking engagement models.
  • Our core approach has been validated by researchers at Stanford, Wharton, and Columbia.
  • Our Engine leverages our proprietary, first-party personality data to generate highly accurate and personalized predictions.

Explainable Artificial Intelligence:

Pinpoint’s advanced Machine Learning transforms surface-level behaviors into more actionable insights.

  • Algorithms model each person in high dimensionality – a first true “Segment of One.”
  • Insights reveal both who is most likely to engage in an action, and also the underlying reasons why.
  • Results are up to three times more cost efficient than current approaches.

Privacy-Safe Analytics:

Pinpoint leads our field in privacy safeguards, going above and beyond industry standards.

  • Our patent-pending modeling method is the only technology that can generate individual-level models with complete user pseudonymization.
  • Our data remain on our protected cloud-based platform. We use these models internally to generate aggregate insights and Thinkalike® rankings of over 240 million person-based IDs.