Questions on the Science of Psychometrics?


Data Onboarding

  • Pinpoint’s Thinkalike® services are tailored to each client based upon the unique personality characteristics of a given store or set of products.Therefore we require an anonymized set of clients’ customer IDs for analysis, and the onboarding process depends upon whether a client works with us via a Pinpoint eCommerce platform app or via a direct engagement with our OnPoint services.


Shopper Personality

Direct Engagement

Supported platforms

Shopify (BigCommerce coming soon)

Pinpoint’s OnPoint platform

Definition of high-value audiences

Automatically defined by Pinpoint
(based upon store-level purchase frequency, amount spent, etc.)

Varies by client objectives
(Pinpoint consults with client on the audience definition)

Minimum audience required for analysis

1,000 U.S.-based adult customers

Varies by client objectives

Privacy protections

All data is de-identified prior to analysis and is GDPR and CCPA compliant

All data is de-identified prior to analysis and is GDPR and CCPA compliant

  • Our goal is to continue adding app support for more platforms and additional use cases, making onboarding and activation ever more turn-key for clients.While our Shopper Personality app is live for Shopify, and BigCommerce is in the works, we would really appreciate your input on additional platform support priorities.  Please let us know your needs at – thanks!


Data Analysis

  • Once your high-value audience(s) have been defined, Pinpoint’s analyses proceed as follows:
  1. Client data is de-identified, removing all personally identifiable information (“PII”)
  2. Your de-identified audiences are compared to Pinpoint’s proprietary first-party personality data on >250M U.S. adults (which has followed the same patent-pending de-identification process)
  3. We evaluate the personality characteristics for your audience(s) and measure their 35 representative Facets and Factors in aggregate
  4. Finally, we compare your audience(s) to the broader U.S. adult population and surface the 7 Facets that most distinguish them – this is your Actionable Insights chart
  • Our analysis process is computationally intensive, so unfortunately it does time.In almost all cases though, our clients have detailed Facet & Factor information and Actionable Insights within 24 hours.
  • Where these results are surfaced, and how best to interpret them, depends upon whether you are working with us via an eCommerce platform app or via a direct engagement.


Shopper Personality

Direct Engagement

Notification of results availability

Email from Pinpoint

Email from Pinpoint

Location of results

Self-service exploration tool in the Shopper Personality app

Delivered directly from your Pinpoint customer success rep

Interpretation of results


Personal walk-through from your Pinpoint customer success rep


Post-Analysis Activation

  • Pinpoint supports a wide-variety of activation strategies that target & optimize campaigns based upon the psychological characteristics we’ve surfaced for your audiences (we call these Thinkalike® services).Today, most of these are enabled via direct engagements with our customer success team, but we are working hard to package Thinkalike® use cases as distinct apps across a number of popular eCommerce platforms as well. Here is a quick summary of activation alternatives:



Activation Method(s)

Email marketing

Target email campaigns to those that Thinkalike® your best customers

– Target lists provided to your email provider

– Apps for email targeting in development

Product recommendations

Target promotions (in-store & email) to those that Thinkalike® previous purchasers of a product

– Recommendations provided to email provider

– Apps for in-store promotion in development

New consumer acquisition

Use Thinkalike® targeting for prospecting campaigns

– Via Facebook, Google or any mainstream DSP

– Apps not yet available

Creative optimization

Optimize ad creative (or site content) based upon underlying personality traits

– In-partnership with DSP & CMS providers

– Apps not yet available

  • We are exploring new use cases all the time and would really appreciate any suggestions or requests you may have.Please reach-out to us at – thanks!


Frequently Asked Questions



  • Shopper Personality results are hard to read, or the analysis feels jumbled?
    • Please resize your browser window to allow for the analysis to correctly set on your screen.
    • You can also adjust each panel window by sliding the bars up, down and side-to-side, to better view the data in each window.
  • What happens to my data if I discontinue Pinpoint services?
    • We delete your customer data when you uninstall our eCommerce platform apps or discontinue working with us on direct engagements.All of the details are included here in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
    • If you have additional questions, please reach-out to us at