Integrating Human Behavior into Insurance

with AI-Powered Psychometrics

Real-time data enrichment is a competitive
asset for Insurers

20-50% of predictive efficiencies are left on the table without personality data on the insured.

Pinpoint’s personality-focused data enrichment provides new predictive power to carriers and MGAs, leveraging the latest in behavioral science and artificial intelligence, all in a privacy-safe fashion. Factoring individuality into predictions can save $100s of millions per year.

Boost savings and profitability with


Pinpoint’s neural network analyzes thousands of new data points per person to predict how behavioral propensities impact risk and engagement.

Our Thinkalike® Engine leverages our proprietary personality data to model each person in high dimensionality – the first true “Segment of One.”


Pinpoint leverages psychometrics, the mathematical science of individual psychological differences, to enhance predictive accuracy.

Our core approach has been validated by peer-reviewed research from Stanford, Wharton, and Columbia business schools.

Data Enrichment

Pinpoint’s scores provide significant new signals on individuals’ propensity to bind, cancel, file a non-cat claim, commit fraud, and more. Achieve operational impact through data enrichment alone, or together with ML-powered modeling.

Receive predictive scores for 260 million US adults in real time.

Material predictive lift

Significantly increased precision

“Cutting edge”

“Rapid time-to-value”

Pinpoint's unique technology gives you a powerful edge

Psychometric AI has begun to revolutionize some of the world’s most competitive predictive analytics. Leverage our OnPoint platform to better quantify risks and persuade people to take positive actions.